About the Practice


Grow | Architecture is an interdisciplinary design based architectural and landscape architectural studio. Our team provides clients with a full scope of comprehensive design services ranging from initial project conception, through to the final stages of construction.

We seek to engage responsibly with the interface between the human settlement, and the land that it sits upon. Every project is approached in a unique collaborative manner between the client and the dynamic relationships offered by the locality, nature and scope of the project.

Our full resume of projects ranges from small scale detailed residential remodels and additions to more complex commercial / institutional design, spatial planning and environmental analysis.

Our Services

Survey | As – Built Plans

Building- or Site Surveys are unique in that they reflect a precise up-to-date or “as – built” condition of any existing structure, building or property. The as – built plans then provide a foundation for various actions such as: floor area calculations, furniture-, equipment-, or fittings layout, future additions or renovations / additions to the existing property.

Ecological – | Landscape Planning

Ecological- and Landscape Planning relates to the process where human imprints on the landscape are considered in relation to the natural resources or carrying capacity of the property in question. The landscape and its respective resources layers are unpacked in order to allow for responsible and well-informed decision making when it comes to the urban infrastructure and settlement planning.

Commercial / Industrial / Retail / Institutional

Commercial -, Industrial -, Retail-, and Institutional design often relates to product -, or function guided design challenges. These larger scale projects usually have a host of dynamic requirements contained within the design brief. Projects are often approached in association with various specialist sub-contracted designers, where the Architect usually acts as Principal Agent. The projects are largely focused on the public domain.


Residential buildings or dwellings are largely contained within the private market and offer personal spaces of sanctity and retreat. The residence is largely an extension of the personality and character of the family / owner. It is of paramount importance to understand the characteristics and intentions of this character in order to secure a succinct and accurate design translation into built form.

Competition / Research

Competition and Research based design exercises often allow the designer freedom outside of conventional design constraints and regulatory implications. The spectrum of interpretation allows for interesting and progressive problem-solving from the community of spatial designers.